Vue aérienne des vignes du Domaine la Barroche

Strategy, content and e-commerce site Domaine La Barroche

A family property of less than 15 hectares, Domaine la Barroche is a real capsule collection on the scale of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Diversity of soils, richness of grape varieties and hundred-year-old vines make the singularity of the vineyard which extends mainly to the North and North-East of the appellation.

Terre du Domaine la Barroche
travail dans les vignes du Domaine la Barroche
Équipe du Domaine la Barroche

For several generations, Domaine La Barroche has been sublimating the grape varieties of the Châteauneuf-du-Pape terroir. A rising domain, it had to update its digital ecosystem.

The team wanted to redesign its website and called on Stratefly, with whom it had already collaborated in the past, particularly for training in digital strategy and community management.


vignes du Domaine la Barroche
Vue aérienne des vignes du Domaine la Barroche

Content production

We started with a photo, video and drone shot to update the domain’s image bank. We were able to deliver HD images to customers as well as video clips in post and story format to feed their communication on social media.

A presentation video of the Domaine and a specific one for the harvest have also been produced.

The technical solution

We then worked on its new e-commerce site by reviewing the structure and optimizing the mobile version.